10 Online Galleries for the Bargain Art Buyer

The right artwork in the home simply elevates the space. I’ve spent a few hundred dollars on pieces that I love (some of which are framed but not even mounted). While I have no shame in dropping a few dollars for a piece that I love, I’m just not made out of money. This doesn’t mean that artwork can’t live in my space, we’ve just decided to be smart about purchasing pieces.

If you’re like me, you most likely really appreciate artwork, but you’re certainly not snagging a few pieces at Art Basel. Just keeping it real, sometimes the price tag serves as a barrier from attaining beautiful pieces. Thankfully, I’ve compiled some of my favorite online galleries that are well-suited for the bargain art buyer.


Perfect for the art collector who wants some fire artwork for a little mula. 20X200’s philosophy is that artwork is for everyone, and their prices really reflect that philosophy. The quality of the prints are on par with gallery prints, for a fraction of the cost. They also have quite a wide variety of artwork. Their pieces start at $35. 


Gray Malin

Perfect for the travel enthusiast who happens to enjoy whimsical images. Gray Malin is a travel photographer who takes wildly colorful and fun images of his travels. has gone to many diverse locations to shoot. Expect to spend about $350 for these beautiful prints.  


Perfect for a graphic artwork lover. Curioos has really reasonably priced prints of gallery-quality graphic artwork. They also offer the option of purchasing some of your favorite prints on t-shirts or canvasses. Prints start at around $21.


The Animal Print Shop

Perfect for the little art collector. The Animal Print Shop features prints of animal portraits. Photographer Sharon Montrose captures the essence of animals in an elegant and beautiful capacity. This is my number one suggestion if you are looking for artwork for a nursery. 



Perfect for a photography lover. Lumas is a collective of over 40 galleries, with about 3,000 pieces from over 250 artists. If you are a photography enthusiast, this should be your go-to online gallery. Most pieces start around $400.






Perfect for someone who wants a one-of-a-kind piece. 1XRun is a Detroit-based business that prides itself on showcasing limited edition prints and original artwork. The pieces on 1XRun remind me of street artwork that happens to be on canvas, or paper, or a different medium. Every day they release a batch of limited edition prints for sale. You can get prints as low as $35. 



Perfect for the art enthusiast who wants an original piece. Zatista offers over 15,000 pieces in various mediums and sizes from artists both local and afar. You can find an original piece for a little as $42.



Paper Collective

Perfect for a high-end poster collector. I know that sounds cray, but Paper Collective features beautiful poster prints. You most likely wouldn’t be able to tell that it’s a poster if you frame the artwork. Also, 10% of the sales proceeds go to a charity of the artist’s choosing. You can snag one of these high-quality posters for about $32 


Saatchi Art 

Perfect for an emerging collector. On Saatchi you can find paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, and prints. Every week new original artworks are released. Saatchi Art also offers a free art advisory service. Some of the original pieces have prints available at a more affordable price. Expect to spend about $100 for an original piece.


Tappan Collective

Perfect for the supporter of emerging artists. This is truly my favorite site for artwork! The Tappan Collective features rising contemporary artists and links them to seasoned collectors. Many of the pieces are exceptionally elegant and of high quality. Tappan Collective features a variety of art mediums. You can secure an original piece for a little as $140. 


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