Elle’s 11 Essentials: Simple Joys

This round-up of essentials are simple things that I use just to enhance the quality of life. There is nothing life-changing about these things, however, when I don’t have them I feel incomplete (barring a few). I hope that you enjoy this round-up!!

#1: Le Labo’s Santal 33

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3.4 fl oz – $275

If you are unfamiliar with what Le Labo’s Santal 33 smells like, just make your way over to LAX or JFK and you’ll be swimming in it (which is not a bad thing if you ask me). The ubiquitous scent pervades New York & LA alike. It’s a unisex scent that is super rich and musky. The profile is primarily composed of sandalwood, cedarwood, cardamom, iris, violet and ambrox. Some feel as if this scent is too popular at this point, but it’s not about the popularity to me, it’s more of the complex notes that intrigue me. Check it out! 

#2:  Gutshot by Amelia GrayElle Jupiter, book, elle's 11

If you liked Goosebumps as a kid, Gutshot is 100% for you! It’s a selection of strange and macabre short stories that kept me on edge the entire time. Be forewarned: this book can get pretty gruesome, but it’s so riveting and it makes the perfect airplane or beach-side read.  

#3: The Wonder Weeks

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I cannot rave about The Wonder Weeks enough. As soon as I find out that someone has a child under 18 months, the first thing that I ask if they have this app. Humans grow the most in their first year of life and babies are constantly going through developmental changes. This app not only provides parents with insight into these changes, but it lets parents know what developmental stage the baby is currently in, how to foster the new skills that they learn after a developmental leap, and when to anticipate extra-fussy moments. It’s a game-changer, y’all. 

#4: Coop Can Cook 

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Okay, y’all. I’m going to start this one out by saying that if you know ANYTHING about New Orleans you should know that it is a culinary mecca. Period. Coop Can Cook is a fantastic blog and youtube channel by fellow New Orleanian, Brittany Cooper that provides some fire recipes. I have not made a single recipe of Coop’s that did not go well. She’s branching out from traditional New Orleans fare to delicious, but health conscious recipes like Keto Shrimp & Grits and Air-Fryed Crispy Keto Chicken Wings. 🤯  If you eat food at all, do yourself a solid and check out Coop Can Cook. 

#5: Kaleidoscope Society

Elle Jupiter, Kaleidoscope Society

This is my first time mentioning this on the blog, but most people who know me, know that I have ADHD. I was formally diagnosed in my mid-twenties and I am very open with people about my condition. I found Kaleidoscope Society a couple of years back and I felt so inspired by the accomplishments of so many women who also have ADHD. In addition to regular features where women share their “ADHD stories,” Kaleidoscope Society also provides its readers with an extensive list of resources for living with ADHD.  



#6: Phillips The Wake-Up Light

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My girlfriend, Irene has this fancy-smancy alarm clock and I just had to get my hands on one.  The Wake-Up light slowly brightens, mimicking the rising sun. No glaring alarm rattling you awake.  You can also set it dim at bedtime which is perfect for transitioning from reading or meditating to sleep. It has various sound options as well, which get progressively louder. Waking up in the morning is actually peaceful.

#7: Owlet Smart Sock


The Owlet is another fantastic device that I would recommend for new parents. It really helped me to sleep comfortably during Camille’s first year. The Owlet smart sock wraps around baby’s foot and monitors your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate as she sleeps. The stats go directly to your phone so if you are nervous nelly like me, you can check your baby’s stats whenever. I was even able to check Camille’s stats while I was at work. In the event that baby’s heart rate or oxygen level dips below what’s normal the base station will screech loudly and also immediately alert your phone. Scary stuff, but after we got an Owlet I felt a lot less anxious going to sleep without checking Camille all throughout the night. 

#8: Lou & GreyElle jupiter, louandgrey, clothing, fashion

So basically, if my life were to be manifested as a clothing line it would be Lou & Grey. Simple, elegant, and conservative with a little edge. The pieces are so well made and I especially love their sweaters. 🤤  You haven’t had a good sweater until you’ve had a Lou & Grey sweater. Pretty please look into Lou & Grey! <3 

#9: The Brendon Show

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Brendon Burchard is a guru on high-performance. He not only is a best selling author and exceptionally successful business coach, he also has a remarkable podcast which always drops soooooo many gems. When I open a podcast of his, I also open up my Notes app because I know that there is always something that Brendon will say that will blow my mind. If you are interested in living a more fulfilled life, not only check out Brendon’s Podcast, but also read his book, High-Performance Habits! 

#10: Hungry Root

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Medium Box – $99 per week

There are a million and one meal prep programs and I’ve most likely tried them all. Hungry Root is my fave and here’s why … Not only is the food fresh and healthy, it’s also easy to make. Quick food is a must for me, especially in the evenings when I’m burned out. On nights where I am beyond exhausted, I whip up one of these meals in 10 min. or less. 🙌🏽

#11: Article.

Elle Jupiter, article, furniture Elle jupiter, article., article, furniture 

Article is a no-fuss mid-century modern, modern, and Scandinavian furniture company which sells their furniture at a rather low price. Although the company sells furniture at what they call a “fair price,” the quality of their pieces are great remarkable. A friend purchased this exact sofa and not only is it aesthetically beautiful, it’s also super comfy. Win-win!!  

I hope that you enjoyed this round-up!

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