3 Can’t Fail Neutral Palettes

One of the trickiest, most doubt-inducing parts of designing a home, is deciding on the perfect color palette. Unless you have a designer with some fancy software that can develop a beautiful mockup of what the paint and furniture colors will look like in your space, you’re probably hoping and praying that the colors you chose work. While choosing paint is certainly a trial and error kind of thing, however, I’ve found that there are some “can’t-fail” neutral color palettes. The way my brain works is that things need to be in categories; so I’ve organized these palettes into sections for you (but really for me). 

I like to think that color palettes are like spirit animals in the design world. And so by default my “spirit animal” is a solid neutral. But tbh, a primarily neutral space generally gives off a calming, chill vibe. If you’re someone like me who often feels “tense,” you’d probably benefit from a space like this. There are three primary neutral palettes that come to mind – warms, cools, and monochromatic palettes.


neutral palette

When I think about minimal yet warm palettes, the word “cozy” comes to mind. Let me paint a visual representation for you. Imagine it raining on an autumn weekend and your cuddled in the bed while watching something on the telly. It’s a whole mood – and this mood is simple and warm.  

Warm palettes aren’t just deep reds and various shades of beige. There is an entire world of warm palettes that pull from hues of orange, reds, and yellows. It should come as no surprise that warm palettes envelope the space with an air of homeliness and comfort.


neutral palette


Cools are just that – freaking cool. They are refreshing and light on the eye. They don’t demand a lot of your attention at all, they just want you to zen out – so let’s zen out.   

neutral palette

When thinking about cool palettes, think of soft, pastels that draw from hues of blue, gray, and green.

neutral palette




Muted Monochromatic

neutral palette


Muted monochromatic palettes have my heart. I like to think that there is something about monochromatic palettes that just scream “type-A” to me, and let’s be real, I’m type-A. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. Let me explain. Monochromatic palettes are in essence the same color in various tones and shades. You would have to be a very detailed person to notice and appreciate monochromatic palettes. As a person with ADHD, I notice every detail which is probably why monochromatic palettes are my fave. 


II hope that I was able to convey that neutrals CAN have a lot of character! My fingers are crossed that these three schemes have gotten your wheels turning if you are considering a particular type of neutral palette.


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