4 Resources for Machine Washable Area Rugs

I was eating lunch with a friend recently and we talk a lot about our kids. Her daughter is 3 and Camille is 2 so we constantly try to top each other in crazy toddler stories. Somehow we got on the topic of area rugs and I mentioned how I was writing this very post on machine washable area rugs!

She was so confused. She said “What do you mean ‘machine washable rugs?’ Tell me about this magic!” She was so flabbergasted and so ready to replace all of her rugs right then and there. I don’t blame her! Even if you don’t have wild kids, the concept is a game-changer!

Machine washable area rugs are perfect for entryways, high-traffic areas, or any place where kids or pets hang out.  The label “washable” can potentially be misleading. When I think of a washable rug, I envision popping my rug into my washer machine and going on about my day. Some companies market their rugs as washable – and then you find that they are indeed washable – by hand or by a professional. So in this roundup, I made sure that each and every rug is machine washable. 

In all transparency, machine washable area rugs are still rather new and so it was very challenging to find several high-quality companies. Quality over quantity! Companies in this round-up feature both natural & synthetic fibers, they reflect various price points and some include features such as skid-free backing. 


#1: Ruggable

Ruggable is the front-runner in creating machine washable area rugs. They’ve established a good reputation for the quality and ease of use for their product. Ruggable’s area rugs come in a variety of colors and patterns, they are affordable and can fit most standard washers! Sounds like a winner to me! 

machine washable area rug


#2: Lorena Canals 

Lorena Canals is another well-known source for machine washable area rugs. Lorena Canals features a wide range of different styles. They also offer both cotton and wool washable rugs! Lorena Canals is my number one source for machine washable area rugs for kid’s rooms. They carry so many wonderful kid options. The price point is in the mid-range, but the product is worth the dough! 

machine washable area rugs 


#3: Hook and Loom

Hook and Loom have a collection of Eco Cotton rugs that are capable of being washed with a standard machine. This brand doesn’t have as much variety as the other resources on this round-up. Hook and Loom mainly carry solid, geometric and striped rugs. Aside from the ability to be washed, the biggest draw is the pricepoint!  


#4: Well Woven

Well Woven has such a wide range of machine washable rugs. Their selection ranges from traditional Persian rugs to even super kitschy rugs. With that being said, you may have to do some perusing prior to finding a gem like the rug below. The price point is very affordable and there is a lot of variety in terms of available rug sizes. 

machine washable area rugs

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