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4 Steps to a Budget-Friendly Room Refresh

It seems that with the change of seasons people are naturally more inclined to want to engage in a room refresh. For me, I’m always down to switch things up because I like the “newness” of a rearranged room. Jo, on the other hand, could totally do without things switching around every few weeks. 😂 You don’t have to spend a lot of dough or drive your spouse crazy in order to give your room a little refresher. It’s easy-peasy, y’all! 

There are many ways to go about this, but from experience, I think it’s best to do a room refresh as a weekend project. While this process is completely appropriate for all rooms, it’s also a good idea to only do one room at a time. If you don’t it can easily be overwhelming!   


Step One: Remove all accessories 

This may seem a little extreme at first, but by removing all of the non-essentials you’ll hopefully approach this project with fresh eyes. Anything that is not window treatments or a major piece of furniture (such as a sofa or a bed) should be removed from the room. This way, you’ll reduce the visual “noise” that may impact how you approach your room refresh process.  

Side note: Before reintegrating pieces back into the space, if you plan on applying a fresh coat of paint, this is the most appropriate time to do so.  


Step Two: Sketch it out 

One thing that I’ve learned over the years is that it is lightyears easier to erase a drawn piece of furniture as opposed to physically rearranging pieces. You don’t have to be the next Frank Lloyd Wright to do this right *pause for laughter*. Yes, I’m corny! Seriously though, you don’t need to be an artist to sketch a layout. It’s just the general direction that you want to move in when it’s time to do the heavy lifting. Because this is a room refresh, aim for three sketches of layouts that are different than your current arrangement. After considering the functionality of the space, choose the one that makes the most sense and arrange your furniture according to the layout.


Step Three: Pare down

If you know me, you know how much I love Marie Kondo’s methods! Before you start to reintegrate pieces back into the space, declutter and cut down on what you don’t need. It is not logical to add things to a space that you don’t need or use. I do not keep items out of obligation and if it is not functional it has no place in my space. You don’t have to be as ruthless as I am with clutter, but keep in mind that if there is one thing that stifles a room refresh, it’s definitely clutter. Be intentional and very thoughtful about what you want in your space. If it genuinely brings you joy then keep it, if not donate it. 


Step Four: Shop other rooms  

This is one of my favorite things to do! When it comes down to the core of a room refresh, it’s all about making the space seem renewed and original. You can definitely make a space feel reinvigorated when you shake up the norm. It’s also much easier and affordable to switch out accessories than it is to change out furniture, paint, or window treatments. Consider moving around throw pillows, artwork, plants, rugs, and objets d’art.  

Side note: On the other hand, if you’re already content with the items that make up the space, keep them, but move them around to a new space in the room. Moving items around can enliven a space as well!  


I am all for a good room refresh! If you’ve tried out some of these recommended methods, tag me @ellejupiter so that I can see the before and after of your space! 


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