5 Interior Design Trends that Need to Die Now

It has amazed me that of all things- scrunchies have made a comeback! My first thought is “But why?!” But like most things – trends come and go and then come back again. This is not an exception for interior design trends. It low-key sucks that people over commercialize trends and then the charm that it once had dies. There are 5 trends that are starting to fizzle out and tbh, I’m not mad about it.  Let’s jump right into this list – and then immediately put all of these items on your curb. Okay? Thanks.



interior design trends

Y’all know how much I love Marie Kondo. She’s seriously approaching Beyoncé status in my eyes. While minimalism will personally have a place in my heart, it’s hard for me to say – but this trend is on its way out. In place of minimalism, maximalism is emerging as the new kid on the block. As a mom, maximalism is comforting to me because it’s muuuuuuuch easier to maintain with a kid and a fur baby. 


Fiber art  

We are starting to make our way back to the 70’s macrame craze. Fiber art was cute for some time, but it’s starting to date spaces. This trend has also been overused and needs a rest – at least for another 40 years. Fiber art is overdone and done.



interior design trends

The scandi-style has had its day in the sun and now it’s time to let it go. This style has been used and abused and at this point seems like an Ikea showroom more than a lived-in, personalized space. By all means, keep the element of comfort in your home, but don’t overdo it with the hyggeism.  


Gallery Walls   

Gallery walls are starting to die out as people are opting for something less cluttered. Instead of overcrowding your walls with multiple frames of stuff, opt for a singular statement piece. Oversized artwork is taking over the place that gallery walls once had. Oversized artwork is commanding, without being too distracting. 


Mid-Century Everything  

interior design trends

Don’t get me wrong, mid-century modern furniture is still pretty popular, but creating a mid-century modern museum in your home is worn-out. Instead of completely ditching all of your mid-century modern pieces, opt to mix in pieces and elements from other decor styles. Curate a space that has more character and not a time capsule of the mid-century. 


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