Selecting Artwork for Your Children’s Room

Artwork is and always has been a big component of my life. Art certainly functions as a pillar of interior design. On rainy days, there is nothing that I enjoy more than going to a museum and getting lost in the artwork. I want my little babe to have the same love for art and so it is important for me to expose her to as much of it as possible. In addition to exposure, I desire for her room to be a place of comfort and joy and I know that artwork can play a role in that. In fact, my gift to Camille for her first birthday was a framed piece of art. If you are thinking about how to create a space that includes artwork, there are some things that you may want to consider when selecting pieces for children’s rooms.

Know your littles

You know your kid(s) more than anyone else. You are aware of what they like, how their space impacts them, what colors and tones speak to them, and most importantly (in this case at least), how they treat their property. Keeping all of these things in mind will determine what kind of artwork you feel is best for them. I know that Camille is a wildling, so I would never in a million years place one of my glass sculptures anywhere near her. Lol  Use your knowledge of your children to guide your selection of artwork for them.

Consider how accessible artwork is to little hands

I once knew a designer whose toddler had a breathtaking antique church altarpiece suspended from the ceiling over his bed. It was so unique and so beautiful. It was a very unconventional piece of artwork, however, it really made the room come alive. This piece was show-stopping, but was not accessible to her son’s reach at all.

When considering artwork to add to a child’s space, take time to determine how to display the piece without compromising on the integrity of the piece. This obviously varies for each medium. I’m sure it is easier to hang pieces on the wall, but it may be more challenging for some sculptures.

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You should deeply consider the potential dangers that come along with mounting anything over a crib, bed, or changing table. You should be especially cautious when your littles are able to stand up. We had two framed antique botanical prints over Camille’s changing table, but as soon as she could stand we took them down.

Where is all of this “children’s” artwork hiding??

Inspiration for artwork can come from so many places, truly the opportunities are endless. I’ve found quite a few items from various flea markets that have made remarkable pieces of art. We are so lucky to live in New York because it really has a rich flea market culture. I’ve come across so many pieces that were not intended to function as artwork, and yet they can be displayed in a way that really highlights their beauty.

You can also find some treasures in your own home that are worthy of being displayed! I’m talking about your children’s artwork! As soon as Camille could, she took to creating mini-masterpieces. We had some of her artwork professional framed and gifted to her grandmothers for Mother’s Day. They loved it! If your kids relish in having their artwork lauded, select some favorites and have them framed. As a parent, you know that it’s not practical to save every single piece of artwork that your kids create. However, you can certainly highlight a few. I wonder if there is a company that can take your children’s artwork and turn it into wallpaper?? * hmmmm*


If you are considering dropping some serious dough, invest in a piece that is transitional and is something that they’d love years later. How sweet would it be for your littles to become adults who have a piece of art that reminds them of their childhood? That’s worth some $$$!

Whatever you do, whatever piece of art that you intend to introduce into their space, keep it light and keep it fun. Do you have any favorite resources for artwork suitable for children? Share below!!


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