Best Places in Brooklyn to Buy Fresh Flowers

Few things can instantly transform a space like fresh flowers can. You probably already know how I feel about potted plants, but fresh flowers are different. They are short-lived and so pleasant to gawk at. From the mind of a Louisiana girl living in New York, there is not enough greenery here. One thing IS in abundance though, flower shops. Manhattan definitely steals the shine when it comes to floral design, but what about it’s beyond-cool sibling, Brooklyn?? 

My husband is so predictable when it comes to getting flowers for me. He rather not travel outside of a three-block radius to get them. He almost always gets some eccentric bouquet that has artificial dyes, but it’s cute. When I’m not feeling exceptionally lazy and I want something a little more than Trader Joe blooms, I hit up one of the following shops. 


Rosehip Social

fresh flowers brooklyn 

This Williamsburg flower shop has tons of succulents & plants in cool planters, but go there for their impressive bouquets. Rosehip Social has a small backyard garden which yields some eclectic fillers. It also doesn’t hurt that they have killer customer service and they offer workshops, balloons and other great things!


Stems Brooklyn

Fresh Flowers Brooklyn

Stems Brooklyn – The River Pitcher Bouquet – $125

Aside from the beautiful arrangements, they offer fun workshops, like flower crown workshops. Located in Bushwick, the small storefront has a yoga studio in the back of the building. Do your Sun Salutation and pick up some flowers!  For $20 you can attend their “Flower Friday” studio workshop which allows you creative freedom to build your own bouquet. They create rather non-traditional bouquets and each arrangement is accompanied by a hand-written card. Sweetness. 



Sprout Home  

Fresh Flowers Brooklyn

This Williamsburg florist has some of the coolest, and unique planters around. They offer a huge selection of house plants and beautiful fresh flowers. After getting married almost ten years ago, this was one of the first places Jo and I went for a date night. We took a terrarium making workshop and let’s just say that my terrarium was better than Jo’s. 😂 Sprout Home still offers terrarium workshops as well as super cool kokedama workshops. 




Located in Fort Greene, Saffron’s floral arrangements are created from a fine art lens. In fact, they also run a fine arts gallery. Their bouquets aren’t overly fussy at all. They are simple, refined, and unique. If you are looking for a run of the mill florist, don’t go to Saffron. Saffron creates truly unique arrangements that you won’t find anywhere else.



The Little Glass Slipper

Located in Greenpoint, this little shop is simple and beautiful. There is a much-appreciated element of whimsy with The Little Glass Slipper. Sometimes they tuck non-traditional herbs, succulents, fruits, and greens into your bouquets. It’s unexpected and fun! The Little Glass Slipper has remarkable customer service and always creates tasteful and special arrangements. 


I hope that you enjoyed this round-up of some of my favorite florists in Brooklyn!


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