Blue Tansy

Blue Tansy: What is it? What is it good for?

What the heck is it??

This vibrant, blue-hued oil comes from the tansy plant, also known as Moroccan chamomile. In fact, it’s akin to chamomile and shares some of its calming, anti-inflammatory properties. The plant itself is poisonous, yet if you render it the right way, you’re left with a pretty powerful, smurf colored elixir. It’s anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, it contains antioxidants, and leaves the skin calmed and refreshed. You can even take the oil by itself and mix it with your shampoo to relieve an itchy scalp. The scent is assertive, though not in repulsive way, and can serve as an antihistamine and aid with calming anxiety. Although it packs a punch, it is very moisturizing and soothing. It also doesn’t hurt that this powerful ingredient has an irresistible sapphire hue. 



Herbivore Blue Tansy Resurfacing Clarity Mask 

blue tansy

$48 – 2.3 oz

May Lindstrom Skin – The Blue Cocoon

blue tansy

$180 – 50 mL


de Mamiel Pure Calm Cleansing Dew

blue tansy

$98 – 100 mL



Sunday Riley Luna Retinol Sleeping Night Oil $55 15 mL

$55 – 15 mL




Primarily Pure Blue Tansy Beauty Cream

$40 – 29 mL



I am genuinely entranced by the blue tansy plant! I’m genuinely interested in your experience, so if you’ve tried any of these products, or even others that contain blue tansy, leave a comment below detailing what you liked about it!


Disclaimer: I have not tried every last one of these products, but I have done extensive digging and I’ve read some remarkable reviews on these products.


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