You probably read that title and thought WTF The short explanation is that we’re a little off and maybe slightly ass-backward. Now for the long explanation.   I was primarily raised vegan. It stemmed from dietary restrictions due to religion, and at some point I decided to venture out into to wild world of dairy! […]

This postpartum recipe is crazy easy to make and can be frozen months in advance. I was about 8 ½ months pregnant when I briefly considered preparing a few dishes to freeze for the certain chaos that comes after delivery. The idea of preparing food wasn’t urgent at all to me. When Camille finally made […]

Years ago, when Jo & I moved into our first apartment in New York, I spent MONTHS trying out paint colors in the living room. I wanted a light gray, but I felt like I couldn’t find the one. Jo was losing it because I’d repainted the living room FOUR times before I could truly […]

It’s several months into the new year, and I’m ready to take stock on how well I my life is aligning to the goals that I set in January. In my profession, self-reflection and self-awareness is imperative to making positive and productive changes. For as long as I can remember, I’ve made lofty, well-intentioned resolutions […]

Welcome! I’ll make this introduction quick while my toddler naps. First of all, I’m Elle Jupiter, and yes, that’s my real name. is an eponym, not because I’m full of myself, but rather because this blog is a genuine reflection of me and all that I love. I’m a wife and mom to one […]