Let’s Break this down: Chango & Co. Colorful, Fresh & Fun Tween Room


Chango & Co. – Pacific Palisades


First, of all – this colorful bedroom by Chango & Co. makes me want to reverse time and become a tween again. It’s so freakin’ whimsical and fun! From the well-paired bright colors, to the various shapes & textures, this space has A LOT going for it. There are so many elements in this space that play well together. So before I rant on and on about how much I love it, let’s take a moment to just break it down. What makes this space work?


Chango & Co. – Pacific Palisades, L.A.


Let’s start with the most obvious and exciting element of this space – color & pattern. The palette for this space is primarily pink & white, with a touch of green, and an emphasis of canary yellow. The landscape outside of the room brings in more elements of green and white. Pink and green harmonize so well together because they are opposite each other on the color wheel, making them complementary colors. The “white moments” in the room, like the white roman shades, provide the eye with much needed relief. The white area rug also helps to lighten up the space. Think of the white space as a rest in a piece of music – it’s just as important as the notes themselves. The yellow bed is not expected, but so very perfect for this space. Without the yellow element, I think that the space would somewhat fall flat. The various colors are well-distributed in the space – not leaving one area more concentrated than another. It’s visually very balanced!

One of my most favorite moments in this space lives in the pink pineapple wallpaper. Like how freakin’ amazeballs is it?! It’s so playful and fun to look at, without stealing the shine from the bright bed. The spacing between the pineapples are crucial in not becoming an aggressive feature that produces excessive “noise.”

I also appreciate the muted moments that occur in this space as well. There are so many natural elements present that almost creates an orange-hue. The natural colors live in the legs of the bench, the desktop, the shaggy chandelier, the seagrass belly baskets, nightstands, and various accessories.

It is quite evident that the color choices were thoughtfully planned.


Chango & Co. – Pacific Palisades, L.A.


Where to begin??? The texture has a lot of diversity without being overly complicated. There are sleek, linear moments that occur in the bed frame, the desk, night stands, built-in bookshelves, roman shades, and the first layer of the rugs. Curvy lines appear in the African woven baskets, the round rugs, the Eames inspired chair, and other smaller accessories. Organic shapes are also present here. We see them in the fringe-y chandelier, the flowers throughout the room, and the forms of the trees outside of the windows. The foot bench, linens, and cloud pillows add a layer of plushness to this well-balanced room. Guys, I’m swooning over here!



It’s evident that the bed is quite large, however it is appropriately scaled for the room. There is ample room for all of the furniture without it feeling too tight or cluttered. The sizing of the foundation rug and the two round rugs are fitting for the size of the bed. There is also a lot o room for a kid to just be a kid.


Chango & Co. – Pacific Palisades, L.A.

Key Takeaways

So, if you are going for a colorful space, utilize the color wheel to determine which colors play nicely together. Keep the scale of the furniture appropriate for the space and introduce various textures to break up surface monotony. It’s great to bring in a fun pattern, but be sure to leave some “breathing space,” so that you are not over-saturating your space with color.


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