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I’m currently in Dallas at my mom’s house and I am just amazed at how much space she has for so little mula. I mean like her mortgage for her seven-bedroom house is comparable to my rent for my tiny New York apartment. As much as I yearn for more space, New York has my heart and it would be super hard for me to let the city go. So what’s a girl to do? 

My family has expanded by one in recent years, but that one commands lots of space. Camille requires sooooo many things and it can be challenging to find a way to accommodate all her stuff in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. We’ve tried just dumping her stuff in baskets; and while this works the deeper I get into KonMari, the more I want all of her stuff to have a designated space – a home if you will.

If it wasn’t glaringly obvious, New York living isn’t too storage-friendly. In fact, I have many single friends who live off of Postmates and use their ovens as space for their clothing. I kid you not. If you live in New York this is most likely not surprising to you at all; in fact, it’s actually rather common. But for those of use who like to use our appliances for what they’re intended for, where should we house our kids stuff in a super small space? Small space storage solutions are especially challenging if you can’t do major installations. So what’s one to do? 


  1. Whenever I think of making the most of a small space, my mind immediately gravitates towards thinking vertically. Sometimes we forget to make the most of wall space and so this is a great place to start. Idk about you, but I’m always a fan of storing things off of the floor – especially items that I don’t want toddler hands on. There are so many options for open shelving, built-ins, or even hooks. Just always remember to bolt furniture to the wall to prevent it from toppling over on the littles.


  1. Embrace the toys and leave them out in a basket that can be easily accessed by your little ones. This allows for your littles to get their things when they want them and clean-up just as easily. This works really well in our home. The responsibility for putting toys away falls on Camille. Thankfully she’s more than willing to put her items away; otherwise it might become a power struggle.


In order to make this work in a small space, choose a designated area to store your kids toys and add a basket or two. I must say that because we live in a small space, we regularly prune Camille’s toys down. You are probably very aware of my obsession with KonMari and so Cami’s toys are only what sparks joy for her – it’s pretty evident by the toys that collect dust. 


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  1. Before we engaged in a large decluttering effort, I was a huge fan of hiding stuff in plain sight. When you’re dealing with limited space, sometimes you gotta do this! You know what I’m talking about! Crib skirts are a favorite, because you can easily hide a storage container or two under the skirt. I also am a huge fan of beds with built in storage. You may have to scout out a bed with built-ins that work for you, but it’s beyond worth it if you’re in a small space.  


Along this same vein is purchasing furniture that doubles as storage. There are so many attractive options here from ottomans, to coffee tables, benches and more. Apartment living is all about getting the most out of your space. What better way to do that then to have furniture that also has storage?

now Image SourceHowever you choose to store items – make sure that it fits your lifestyle and doesn’t cost you your design aesthetic. Finding the right storage piece for a small space is like putting together a puzzle. It may not come to you right away, but in time you’ll find the right fit for your space. Happy storage hunting! 


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