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Why I’m 99.99% Certain Dermal Fillers Are In My Not-So-Distant Future

Most people who truly know me would all agree that I’m a very dramatic person. I can see that, but seriously, something happened to my face the day that I turned 30. I got up to wash my face and when I looked into the mirror, I kid you not, I instantly looked older. Maybe it was some deep-rooted thought distortion or perhaps it was gravity just telling me happy birthday, but the volume of my face seemed lower. And just like that, I was ready to get some dermal fillers. Except, not. 

Now, there is nothing wrong at all with getting older – we all will and Botox or not, eventually we won’t resemble the young twenty-somethings that we once were. However, this was the first time where I looked in the mirror and felt like parts of my face didn’t look like me. I didn’t like that.

The next day, I flew to Dallas to spend time with my family and I told my mom and sisters that I wanted to try out some dermal fillers, and they completely laughed it off. But then I started to go into details as to why I wanted to try dermal fillers and at that point, they realized that I was serious.  I did a little research while I was in Dallas, and I made up my mind that I was going to get Botox when I got back to New York. 


But then …


When I got back to New York, I told a few of my friends that I was considering getting dermal fillers. The reactions were split down the middle, but not in a way that I assumed it would be. I found that my friends who were POC were almost all against it. I also found that my friends who were not-POC generally supported my decision. The most common thing I heard was “But you’re Black! Black don’t crack!” Look, I have seen the glory of Vivica A. Fox and Cicely Tyson and I’m sure melanin has had a role to play in it. But to be real, loss of facial volume and wrinkles occur across all races. As a side-note: I am very interested in why dermal fillers are so taboo in the Black community. This is definitely something to look into in a follow-up post. 

Number one, we all deserve to feel like our best selves. Obviously, this looks different for different people. Let’s be real here, no one needs dermal fillers, it’s an elective cosmetic procedure. And with most things, I don’t make decisions based on the opinions of others, unless it also impacts others. In this case, it was all about me – which is okay too. #selfcare


So I scheduled an appointment


The day of the appointment came and my nerves pushed me to cancel it. However, months later, my loss of facial volume was increasingly bothering me. The thought of dermal fillers kept coming up. I decided to dig a little further into the impacts of dermal fillers, and what I found made me increasingly more comfortable with the idea. My biggest fear was getting a botched job that I’d have to carry around for the rest of my life. I learned that Botox only lasts for about 3 months – which is something that I don’t think a lot of people know. It’s not permanent, which is certainly reassuring.  

I also learned that when used proactively, dermal fillers can prevent wrinkles. To be perfectly honest, I am not concerned at all with any minor wrinkles that I may currently have, but I am interested in slightly increasing the volume of my face. However, if getting dermal fillers can prevent or prolong the onset of wrinkles, then sign me up! 

Ideally, I just want to look refreshed; like I just woke up from a nice long nap! I whole-heartedly value and respect my colleagues’ opinions on dermal fillers. However, I also value how I feel about myself each day. While I have not taken the plunge to get fillers, it is certainly something I am seriously considering. I am really interested in hearing from you if you’ve had dermal fillers before! Would you get them again? And if you’ve never tried dermal fillers, would you?   


Dermal fillers aside, I have more on my mind!



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