Elle’s 11: WFH Life

I remember coming across the abbreviation “wfh” a while back and thinking that it was something dirty. Not even.  I’ve only been working from home for a few months, and tbh, sometimes it seems much more challenging than physically being at work. The commute is literally from my bed to the office and it’s pretty dope that my uniform consists of pajamas and my blue-light blockers. No complaints there. 

If you are super-new to working from home, there are a few things that I’ve found that have made the transition a little more seamless. Most of the items in this round-up are about making your body and mind feel good so that you can be productive while working from home. It can be quite an adjustment, but these 11 things will offset some of the adjustments to working from home.  

Note: I DO NOT get a commission for a single item on this list. What I’ve shared are products that I actually love.  

1. Espresso Machine

It all starts with caffeine. I’m not a fan waiting in line for my morning espresso, so I do it at home myself. My Nespresso machine is so easy to use and it creates really great espresso in little to no time. In many ways, making my morning espresso is an indispensable part of my wfh routine.  

2. Focusmate (or any other accountability app) 

I’ve talked about Focusmate before, and while I don’t use it religiously, having an accountability buddy has become increasingly more important in my wfh journey. With a toddler, constant Zoom meetings with my team, and other stuff, it’s so easy to become distracted from what needs to occur at particular times. Focusmate has done wonders to make sure that I am holding myself accountable.   

3. Blue-light Blocking Glasses  Eyewear

TIJN Eyewear

Like Focusmate, blue-light blockers are something that I’ve written about before. When I first started wfh, I started having really intense migraines that would last days. After trying a few solutions, I decided to see if using my blue light blockers would make a difference. Like magic, my migraines disappeared. Prior to using my blue-blockers more consistently, I hadn’t considered the impact of being on my laptop for 16 hours each day.  

4. Standing Desk 

Prior to working from home. I wouldn’t have considered purchasing a standing desk. Mainly, because when I am not working from home, I am on my feet a lot. Now that I am not running around all day, my butt has been in my chair a little too long. In the eight weeks where I was wfh and did not have a standing desk, I developed back, neck and shoulder pain. I also put on a few pounds. Having a good standing desk has practically eliminated these issues. When my body physically feels good while working, I find that I am so much more productive. It’s a win-win. 

5. White Noise Machine  


Yogasleep Dohm Sound Machine

Do you find yourself getting distracted by your “co-workers” (ie your pets, and spouse)?  Having a white noise machine can make a big difference in limiting tons of distractions while trying to work. I’ve tried many types of sound machines and the one that I am a true fan of is the Yogasleep Dohm sound machine. It has a real fan that produces natural white noise. It’s so peaceful, that we use this at bedtime too. 

Side note: If you live in an apartment, a white noise machine is a game-changer. You’re welcome.

6. A Good Pair of Slippers  

What would your day-to-day shoe choice be if you weren’t working from home? Scratch that, you are working from home, so why not be comfortable af? If I could, I would totally squeeze into my daughter’s ultra-plush Elmo slippers, but I can’t. So now I have to shoot for second-best. Two of my favorite slipper brands are Patricia Green and Vionic Shoes. I will be the very first to say that neither brand is cheap, but they are so worth it. If you wfh, you are going to spend a lot of time in these, so buy something good. Both brands often have sales or discount codes which can knock the price down. 

7. Professional Pajamas 


Lou & Grey

You read that correctly. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve rolled out of bed in a frenzy to make it to a Zoom conference. It helps that my pajamas could easily pass for professional attire without it feeling like it. One of my all-time favorite places to shop is Lou & Grey. Their jumpsuits and rompers are soooooo comfy and they could easily pass for business casual clothing. 

8. Posture Corrector  

Many of us just aren’t aware of the positions that our bodies are in while we work. Unless I am doing a body scan, there are often areas of my body that are really tense or just taking on a really bad posture. In addition to using a standing desk, a posture corrector has made a big difference in how my upper body feels after a long day at work. I actually feel more confident when my posture is strong.  

9. Bluetooth Speaker 


Tivoli Audio

Maybe you’re Team Alexa or Team Google, but whatever side that you lean towards, the wfh life requires music. Although we have a virtual home assistant, I prefer to play music from my beloved Tivoli. When I’m productively pumping out work, I like to alternate between white noise and instrumental playlist on Spotify. 

10. An Organizational System  

One of the biggest issues that I know wfh’ers run into, is being able to stay organized while being at home. It’s so easy to operate without a routine because you don’t physically have to go somewhere. I love the extra-cheesy phrase “failure to plan is a plan to fail.” Clichés all day!  The cold hard truth is that whether you work from home or not, having a clear and effective organizational system is really freaking important.

I am the person who waits for summer to roll around so that I can purchase a nice new planner for the next year. I guess you could call me a nerd. I am a very big fan of the organizational guidance of The Together Group. I’ve attended multiple Together Group workshops and my obsession for planners has evolved into something called a “flexy.” A flexy is the golden-child of The Together Group. It’s taught through the lens of teachers, but it is really appropriate for everyone. 

11. Sun Therapy Lamp   

Miroco Sun Therapy Lamp

A sun therapy lamp is a non-negotiable for me. With all of the deadlines that I need to meet I don’t often have the luxury of going outside. Also, depending on the time of day or the weather, having access to a sunny day on demand is not always going to happen. Having a sun therapy lamp is a way to bring some of the benefits of the sun in. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a replacement for the sun, but studies show that it can certainly have a positive impact on the energy, mood, and productivity of the user. The one that I use is 

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