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Two-Minute Read: 3 Quick & Dirty Ground Rules for Rugs

I could sit down and talk about area rugs for daaaaaaays. There is so much to consider when choosing the one. 😍Regardless of the materials and styles that make up the rug world, there are a few quick and dirty ground rules that you need to know. Let’s get started.  


Rug Rule #1  

When considering size, at minimum the front two legs of all major furniture should be placed on the rug. Dining room rugs and furniture are a little different though. You should be able to successfully pull the chairs away from the dining table and all of the feet of the chair should remain on the rug. There’s nothing worse than having half of your chair on a rug and half off while your eating. It just makes the experience unpleasant. 

When in doubt, go with the largest rug that you can afford. It sounds so shallow, but here’s why; the larger the rug, the more spacious the room appears. If mula is a large determining factor for you, keep in mind that natural fibers cost the least.   


Rug Rule #2

Leave at least 8 to 20 inches of exposed floor in the room. You are not attempting to use a rug as one would a carpet, so leave some breathing space between the wall and the rug. 18 inches is generally the sweet spot, but with smaller rooms, you can get away with a little as 8 inches. Larger rooms tend to need a wider border of exposed flooring for the proportions to feel right. Regardless of the space of the room, make sure that the exposed floor has equal margins all around. Margin-wise, the primary goal is to make the rug centered in the space. 


Rug Rule #3

Know how your rug will be used in the day-to-day. For the life and sustainability of your rug, you need to be keenly aware of how it will be used. How much traffic can it expect to receive? Can the material hold up to the traffic? How challenging is it to maintain? All of these factors are exceptionally important in determining which rug is right for your space.  It might be tempting to feature your best rug in the focal point of the house but are you potentially exposing it to spills and accidents?

Do some research not only on the type of weaving of the run, but also the maintenance. Is the maintenance something that you can comfortably upkeep? Maintenance factors are especially important if you have kids or pets.




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