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Should I Hire A KonMari Consultant?

I will be the first to say that my home is NOT tidy at all times. Hell, most of the time it looks like a little hurricane has hit; and one has – Hurricane Camille. Let’s be real here – who really has the time to have a perfectly manicured, magazine ready home at all times? I know I certainly don’t. However, I’ve found that coming home to a place that has less clutter just makes life simpler.

I am full-on obsessed with all things Marie Kondo. So naturally, I submerged myself into some KonMari research and learned that KONMARI CONSULTANTS exist. *insert mind-blown emoji* These consultants’ sole job is to help bring the KonMari Method to life for you! Also, they are certified by Mrs. Marie Kondo herself – it really doesn’t get any better than that.  

When I first learned of KonMari consultants, I immediately questioned whether their services were necessary or not. I’ve read Kondo’s books and I have been able to successfully execute her signature method without a consultant. After pondering for some time, I realized that not everyone has the same drive to take information and convert it into action. And so in this case the role of a KonMari consultant is invaluable.


How Do I Know if I Could Benefit From the Services of a KonMari Consultant?

If you are an avid DIY’er you’re most likely rolling your eyes at me. However, there are reasons why you should consider hiring a KonMari consultant; so let’s dig in. 


Reason #1

You need clarity on what “sparking joy” means to you. In her Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, Kondo says that when an item sparks joy for you, your body goes “ching!” As a person who is in tune with her body, I immediately knew what Kondo was referring to. Although I got what Kondo was referring to, “ching!” is very ambiguous and can be challenging to explain. In this regard, a certified KonMari Consultant can help clarify what “joy” means to you.  


Reason #2

You’re not sure if you’re “doing it right.” Some of the questions that I asked myself while employing the KonMari Method were “Am I keeping too many items? How do I fold this article of clothing KonMari style? How can I keep this up with a toddler? Am I taking too long to KonMari the entire house?” There were many questions that arose as I went through my process and I imagine that the same would be true for anyone. A KonMari Consultant can serve as your expert guide in navigating through this event.  


Reason #3

You’re avoiding taking action because you’re overwhelmed. This is probably the most popular reason for procrastinating with the KonMari Method. To play devil’s advocate for a second, Kondo’s method is intense and requires tackling the entire home as soon as possible. She also instructs her clients not to KonMari from room-to-room, but rather address the entire home at the same time. It is understandable why this would be overwhelming to someone who has not tried to declutter ever. A KonMari Consultant could not only provide project management strategies, but also emotional support for a task this daunting.  


Reason #4

You are busy collecting information on how to implement the KonMari Method, but you haven’t taken any action. A sponge is my spirit animal – I soak up as much knowledge as possible regarding whatever is holding my attention at the moment. If you are like me, you’ve bookmarked resource after resource. You’ve watched video after video, however, you need an extra push to help you jump start the tidying IRL. Enter a KonMari Consultant. This is the best resource outside of Marie Kondo herself.  


Reason #5

You just don’t have time. You’ve heard really great things about Kondo’s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, but you can’t find the time to read it. As much as you want to implement Kondo’s methods you don’t have the time or energy to educate yourself on the strategies. While a KonMari Consultant will not do the tidying for you, they can give you a crash course on how to make Kondo’s methods come alive in your space. 


Reason #6

You have recently experienced a major life event. Some major changes can encourage you to start your KonMari event so that you can have a fresh start. Some of these major life events are taking the next steps after a loved one has passed, preparing for the birth of a child, embarking on a large move, or even getting married or divorced. Aside from the emotions attached to these events, you can benefit from reducing clutter to make room for the change. Events that have changed the makeup of our lives can be some of the most challenging to KonMari. Having emotional and physical support from a consultant can help to facilitate the process. 


Reason #7

You’ve tried this KonMari Method thing before and you’ve failed at it. I’ve been there and it sucks. When I first attempted the KonMari process it dragged on for a few months before I gave up. My husband wasn’t totally on board, I had a lot on my plate and very little time to fully commit to the process. It felt as if I was taking a bunch of shit out and the house seemed more disorderly than before. I stopped trying. After watching Kondo’s Netflix series I committed to devoting a few weekends to knocking the process out and it was a success. If you’ve experienced failure with this undertaking before, perhaps you need more support from a KonMari Consultant.  


What Can a KonMari Consultant Do for Me? 

The short answer is change your life. While this might sound dramatic, I’m being real with you. You may be wondering how they can have such a profound impact, and one of the biggest things that they can do for you is to hold you accountable for seeing the task through. I’ve already mentioned how they can support you physically and emotionally. If your task is a large one and you don’t know where to begin they can offer project management. Some KonMari Consultants that I am aware of have great partnerships with cleaning services, movers, and other resources that can help to make your KonMari event a smooth one. One of the biggest takeaways is that KonMari Consultants are the experts in KonMari. They are formally certified by Marie Kondo and can offer you invaluable support that you most likely could not get elsewhere.  

KonMari Consultants operate in different ways, so you may need to scout out which one is right for you and your project. Some book in hourly packages, where others host workshops for the general public. If you are considering booking a KonMari Consultant you can use Marie Kondo’s KonMari Consultant Registry to find a consultant in your area.  


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