Let’s Break This Down: Sunny Circle Studio

Color & Pattern

This space does such a great job of balancing light neutrals & earth tones. The heavier, warmer colors are predominately low to the ground, which helps to root the space. The more airy parts of this space live a little higher and it helps to develop this happy marriage of light and warm colors.

The brass watering can and light fixtures are understanded, but effective in adding a touch of glam without being too precious. The green plants have a similar effect, but instead of glam, they literally breathe life into the space. The wooden legs on the sideboard, stool, and flooring are slight variations of each other without being too matchy-matchy. They work well together.

While this is naturally a really colorful space, it’s not overdone. There are large pockets of “breathing space” that help to desaturate and calm the area.



There is a sense of equilibrium between the linear and organic forms in this living room. The sideboard, framed artwork, TV (it’s hidden in there!), architectural details, rug, and books all establish a linear vibe. This is broken up by organic shapes such as the plants and the abstract artwork on the TV. There are peaks of this same balance in form in the adjacent room. I know I sound SO redundant, but there is a lot of visual balance in this space.



The little nook might be a scaling nightmare to some, but the choices made here are well-thought out. Although the nook is small, it doesn’t feel like the sideboard has been forced there. The size of the sideboard leaves a perfect amount of space on either side of it.  

I know some folks (and I’m sure you do too) who want the largest tv possible, even if the ratios are all wrong for their space. That’s totally not the case here at all. The placement and proportion of the discreet television is also appropriately scaled for the sideboard. When off, it functions as a piece of artwork – like here. I’ve been drooling over a Samsung Frame TV for this very reason. It’s the designer’s dream TV. *swoon* I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but soon!

If you look at the sideboard head-on, there is a very clear sense of symmetry present. The decorative elements on the sideboard don’t obstruct the TV, but they help to further the symmetrical vibes.


As much as I really love the design of this space, I do have some questions. Given what I can see as it relates to the placement of the sideboard and the TV, I wonder about the seating available. It appears as if this nook is on the border of the room, so how does one comfortably watch TV without sitting on the threshold of the room? Thoughts? Predictions? What do you think? Would this placement work for you and your fam.? 


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