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Let’s break this down: Kismet House

Elle Jupiter, Kismet House, interiors, house, home, interior design,

Is your jaw on the floor like mine is right now?? Erin Conway of Kismet House recently posted this photo of her lovely kitchen. I remember scrolling through my IG feed and when this beauty popped up I remember thinking “Damn, this is a beautiful space!” This kitchen is the epitome of balance to me. It’s also 100% my steez. It’s mostly neutral without being too “vanilla.” Let’s take a moment and break it down. Why exactly does this kitchen work??

kismet house, elle jupiter, interiors, design, interior design, home, house


When eyes see an image, they are almost always naturally drawn to the lighter part of the image first. In this case, the bright living space in the background invites the viewer to want to go deeper into the space. While this would seem like it would detract from the beauty of the kitchen, it does not at all. The composition of this space naturally enhances the flow and also brings an airiness to the kitchen vignette. This helps to visually balance the space.

#2: Shape

There is a lot of consistency within the shapes of this space. It is primarily composed of straight lines, both vertical and horizontal. The linear elements are evident in the wooden beam, the barn door, and the artwork, just to name a few. There are a few elements of the space which are curvy (the vase + light fixture) or organic (the plant + wooden bowl). These curvy moments serve to add some variety to the otherwise very linear space. It adds another layer of visual excitement.

#3: Simplicity

Everything in this space is rather simple and straightforward. The ornate details present are very few and very subtle. The artwork and the textured vase do not distract from the other, simpler characteristics of the space.


This is arguably the most of important aspect of what makes this space vibe so well. It is chockfull of neutrals: both warm and cool. This variety of warm and cool neutrals really emphasizes the balance that I referenced earlier.  Almost all of the colors are solids, with the exception of the rug. The muted color of the rug does not steal the show, but rather just quietly enhances the space.

It is pretty evident that this space was very well thought out. It is quietly beautiful – and kid-friendly (peep the baby gate in between the kitchen and the living room). I’m so happy that Erin of Kismet House shared this image. Check out her instagram or the Kismet House blog for more inspirational bits!


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