Two-Minute Read: Pile on the Passementerie

There was an interior design business that I worked at for a few years in New Orleans. One of the most exciting elements of the job for me was the textile library – particularly the passementerie. There are so many types of trimming that can totally transform a piece by adding an ornamental flair. It’s generally a pretty flirty and fun embellishment. Handmade trimming is often a labor of love because of the intricate nature of it.   








Traditionally, passementerie was made from silk or metallic threads to create intricate braids, tassels, or fringe. While the aforementioned examples make-up a large part of the passementerie world, there are many different ways that it can be used. As with many design elements, passementerie lives in both worlds of fashion and interior design. Some trimming is purely decorative and others are functional; drapery tiebacks are an example of this.   



My favorite source for passementerie is from Samuel & Sons. They have such a wide variety of trims in various styles, and a custom division which is super exciting! In order to have access to to-the-trade passementerie trims, you’d need to go through an interior designer. While this might sound like an inconvenience to the pro-diy’er, I highly recommend this because you have the guidance of a trained eye and potentially a workroom to assist in adding the best passementerie for your project.  



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