Real Talk: Consistency is hard

I’ve known my life’s purpose for some time now. The crazy thing is that although I’ve known my purpose for at least the last seven years, I’ve only worked a job for two years that was aligned to my purpose. The remaining five years I’ve been pursuing a career and even got a masters degree for something that I was never meant to do. If you’re not fulfilling your life’s purpose you can probably sympathize with the struggle that I’m going through. 

Earlier this year I decided to let go of some of my limiting beliefs and dive into that which I was meant to do. I started out strong, but I’ve allowed other things to take center stage. This isn’t to say that those other “things” that have commanded my attention are less important, because they aren’t.

I have an outrageous amount of clarity for what needs to happen, yet I’ve been spinning the narrative that inherently I am not a consistent person – mainly due to lack of sustainability with my job. The thing about side-hustling for your purpose is that it can be hella draining. Add a very curious toddler to the mix and my work doesn’t end when I clock out. I’m sure you can see why sustainability is impacting me. 

Thankfully, I was fortunate enough to have 8 consecutive weeks to rest and recoup, and so you’re probably wondering why consistency is an issue for me. While I had very grand plans for my side-hustle, I’ve found myself using my 8 weeks for … well, resting and recuperating.  

I’m so conflicted with how I’ve used my time because I know that I deserve to rest as well as quality time with family. However, I’ve been neglecting my baby – and no, I’m not talking about Camille. 

While it is true that I have a set amount of daily energy that is dispersed throughout the day, I’ve come to the grueling truth that inconsistency is a choice. That’s all it is. I am choosing to be inconsistent. It’s not an issue with time or energy, it’s a choice that has to be made. If I am to realize my life’s purpose I have to make more deliberate choices.  

While this might seem like a raw realization, it’s actually pretty fucking sweet, because now I know that I need accountability measures to keep me consistent and ultimately on the path to my purpose.  

I have developed three action steps that I plan to focus on for the next three months. These three action steps are to avoid randomness, show up to the arena, and forgive myself for my shortcomings:  

Avoid Randomness

Consistent Evening & Morning Routine. Most mornings I’m stressed and running around like a person on fire. By the time that the evening rolls around I’m soooooo beat that I can manage a smile at Camille and then I sink into to sofa. If I didn’t have a husband to tell me to get off of the sofa and shower, I wouldn’t. That’s a lie, lol I love being clean! But seriously, I’m beat. So in an effort to be my very best self, I want to establish AND STICK TO a morning and evening routine. Here’s what I have so far:


Morning Routine 

  • Wake early to drink water, meditate & read affirmations 
  • Eat breakfast BEFORE leaving home (This is crucial for me to prevent me from buying unhealthy options in the morning   
  • Review goals & agenda for the day 
  • Read & respond to emails 


Evening Routine

  • Have clothes laid out & food packed 
  • Name what I was able to accomplish in the day   
  • Plan the schedule for the next day & prioritize tasks 
  • Read motivational texts before bed 
  • Meditate
  • Go to sleep on time – to allow for lots of rest in preparation for the day   

What do you think? Be honest. 


Show up – especially when I don’t want to

Another thing that I’m going to focus on is staying motivated & showing up even when I don’t want to. Let me be really real –  I don’t want to show up like a lot. It’s sooooo much easier to just not. But as I’ve stated before, I need to keep my eye on my “Why.” My Why is the end goal for why I do what I do. I want to be an old woman on her death bed thinking “Fuck yeah! I did it all!” But that will never come to fruition if consistency doesn’t become second nature to me. I’ve come to the realization that consistency is built on hope.


Elsa said it best – Let it Go

My final thing that I’m going to work on is forgiving myself for my shortcomings and move on. Like seriously, I’m human. I fuck up from time to time. It’s life. While I know this to be true, I have really have a hard time on myself. I’m not sure why, but I do. So I’m going to do the work to forgive myself for my lack of consistency and just keep it trucking.


I’m sure it’s hella obvious that establishing new routines and mindsets is going to require an adjustment period for me. While this is true, I am committed to doing the work to achieve the results that I need to see. There’s something that I need from you – yeah I’m actually talking to you! I need you to be my accountability buddy. Check in with me and make sure that I’m not falling into a non-committal cycle. Help me to improve my consistency. I also invite you to make changes that you’ve been putting off as well – and if you share them with me, I’ll be your accountability buddy as well! See how this works? 🙂  


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