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Recreating Spa-Vibes at Home

In college, I was two different types of students. In the beginning, I was your average party girl. I’ll keep the juicy details to a minimum (Hi, Mommy!). After being placed on academic and social probation, I decided to get my life together. At that point, I was on the Dean’s list every semester. It was to the point where I’d show my dad my Dean’s list award and he’d say “Tell me something new.” I bust my butt from sun-up to sun-up. I went on to attend graduate school at Hopkins while simultaneously teaching. Anyway, I say all of this to say that I worked hard and after every semester I would reward my efforts by booking a full day package at my favorite day spa. It was pure heaven, guys. I even half-jokingly proposed to my masseuse after one exceptionally phenomenal session. She said no.

I wear so many hats now and having regular self-care is needed now more than ever. I haven’t booked a day-long spa day since I was pregnant with Cami, and I’m feeling the effects. So how exactly does one evoke the same feelings at home as they do at a spa??? Well lemme tell you, friend.

I have a few quick & dirty tips, so let’s get started. 

Elle Jupiter, self care, spa, bathroom

#1: Get your KonMari on

When I think about my day spa experiences, the biggest thing that stands out is how simple it all is. It’s quiet, it’s clean, it’s peaceful. In order to achieve that same tranquility, my number one go-to is to reduce clutter. Anyone who knows me should know that I’m basically obsessed with Marie Kondo, and I highly advise reading her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I personally find decluttering of the bathroom to be one of the easier places to tidy up. My first tip is to get rid of toiletries that you haven’t used in a while (including that stash of travel size stuff that you plan on using when you go on that trip you haven’t booked yet). If you have littles, it’s best to keep most of your toiletries out of reach and sight anyway so that they don’t mischievously get into a pouch of nail polish and paint the floor (I may or may not be speaking from personal experience). In addition to toiletries, I find that my bath linens often become excessive and disorganized over time. I personally find it unpleasing to have mismatched linens, so I generally would repurpose or donate some of them. Hey – less linen – less laundry. *football hands*  Since we’re on the topic of linen … 

#2: Spend some dough on your linens

When you hold a nice towel with a high-thread count for the first time it’s not an experience you forget. Spa vibes = investing in some high-quality bath sheets as opposed to low-thread count bath towels. Although the two function the same, bath sheets absorb more water because of the increased surface area and they are much easier to wrap and lounge around in if that’s your thing. Definitely be sure to stick with the same color. I personally prefer my bath sheets all white and folded KonMari style. In addition to bath sheets, don’t be afraid to splurge on a nice bathrobe and slippers – you’re worth it!!! I’m all for streamlining all of the linens, so once again, I’d prefer it if all of the colors were aligned.   

#3: Delight all of your senses

From the soothing music, to the diffused oils, to the dim lighting, and everything else in between, spas do a remarkable job in exercising all of the senses. In the spirit of channelling all things relaxing, be sure to cater to all of your senses too. Need some suggestions??


Smell: bath salts, diffuser with soothing oils, candles, bubble bath

See: candles, plants (real or faux), favorite book, dim lights

Hear: Your favorite Spotify playlist, guided meditation, nature sounds, or even opt for a much needed moment of silence

Touch: exfoliating glove, fluffy warm towels,

Taste: a nice glass of wine and some dark chocolate

If you’re looking to indulge a bit (that’s what this is all about, right????), invest in a nice towel warmer. I definitely prefer bar heaters for aesthetic purposes. Amazon has a great selection of bar towel heaters that are reasonably priced. Towel warmer = game changer. Period.  

Hudson Reed has a really comprehensive buyer’s guide to towel racks. Check it out!


Ultimately, you deserve regular soothing & de-stressing experiences. This might be challenging if you’re a normal human who has a gazillion & one things to do Monday through Sunday, but find moments to truly unwind at home so that you can be charged up to tackle the world!

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