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Wellness: People are Boring Themselves to Sleep

We all need it and some of us really struggle to get to it. I’m talking about sleep. I have so many friends who have collectively tried basically all sleep methods. My all-time favorite is the U.S. Army 2-minute sleep trick where you envision a black, velvet hammock while relaxing each muscle in your body and then hopefully *fingers crossed* going to sleep. I recently came across a new sleep trend that I was excited to try – Slow Lit.  

If you’re thinking that it’s reading until you drift away, you are absolutely wrong. We’ve all done that, and most time I find myself more wired because I’m so engulfed in my book. 


Imagine listening to a monotone speaker as they read some text in a way that basically bores you to sleep … that’s Slow Lit. The concept of it is hilarious and bizarre to me, but it put me out in 5 minutes flat! There are some, dare I say “interesting” Slow Lit stories. One that I thought would have the opposite effect on me is “Game of Drones,” a recap of Game of Thrones episodes produced by the Sleep with Me podcast. If Game of Drones is too exciting for your, Drew Ackerman, the creator of Sleep with Me, also has episodes where he details his latest visit to Trader Joe’s. I’m not lying! He has a very “dreamy” voice that effectively does the job of lulling adults to sleep with his bedtime stories. Hell, I’m yawning now just thinking about them.

If Ackerman’s bedtime story isn’t your cup of tea, maybe you’d be more into Headspace’s Sleepcasts. I have been a subscriber of Headspace for years now, but I recently discovered Sleepcasts. Sleepcasts marry visualization and ambient sounds to help drift the listener to sleep.

There is even a Slow Lit app that we use every night with Camille. It’s called Moshi Twilight, and her favorite twilight story is called SleepyPaws. She usually falls asleep within 7-10 minutes of a Moshi Twilight Story. *football hands *  This is perfect for toddlers who get a little restless before bed.

I haven’t listened to the “J.K. Rowling of Slow Lit,” Phoebe Smith, but I hear that her Slow Lit is wildly popular. If you’ve tried Slow Lit, tell me how it’s gone for you! I’m very interested to hear!! 


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