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6 Small Online Shops to Support Now

I am so grateful to be able to live in a time-frame where womxn (especially womxn of color) are celebrated. It is also a wonderful time for e-commerce, as it makes it so easy to become a business owner. I was never one to relish in name-brand anything, but rather, I’ve always loved one-of-a-kind and unique finds. Today is no different and so I am so elated to share 11 small online shops that I am a fan of. 100% of these small online shops are womxn owned, more than 80% of the shops have BIPOC owners. I DO NOT receive anything from sharing these wonderful small online shops with you, I just genuinely love them and I’m sure that you will too!  Without further adieu … 


#1: The Jayne Elle Shop


If the concept of self-care materialized as a shop, it would be the Jayne Elle Shop. This shop features accessories and clothing that embody loving yourself. The creative mind behind The Jayne Elle Shop is that of Dionne LaTouché. Her shop has been inspired by her bubbly personality, her adventures as a millennial in America, as well as her experiences with cancer. If you are looking for small online shops that support wellness, this should be your number one stop.



#2: E. Hilburn Artisan Shop

The visionary behind this shop jokingly asked me if the topic of this blog was going to be about the need for a million side-hustles for a millennial. As sobering as that reality is, the visionary behind the E. Hilburn Artisan Shop, Erin Hilburn,  has turned her passion into her life’s work. The beauty of nature is the driving force behind this wearable artwork. Many of the handmade pieces feature sea glass, crystals, and beautiful, one-of-a-kind metalwork.



#2: Pink Heaven

If you follow Beyonce’s Instagram, you’d most likely come across some Pink Heaven-esque pieces. Pink Heaven is an affordable, fresh endeavor that primarily features novel accessories for the fashion-forward. Jessica S., the inventive force behind Pink Heaven, was inspired to create Pink Heaven because of her love of fashion, all things feminine, and the pursuit of self-empowerment.



#4: Yard + Parish

This is legitimately one of my favorite places to shop. Their tagline “Discover the Diaspora” is the essence of what Yard + Parish is all about. Their online shop features the products of small, yet insanely luxurious black-owned businesses. I just know that whatever pieces are sold under the Yard + Parish name will deliver a well-deserved indulgence.



#5: Satya + Sage

small online shops

Once upon a time, I smelled a Satya + Sage candle at a friend’s house and it was divine. There are a million small online shops that sell candles, but only one Satya + Sage. The candles are eco-conscious and made with opulent essential oils. I’m excited for the essential oil blends to arrive in the shop so that I can go wild! 



#6: Aleishla

small online shops

The store description sums this shop up perfectly: “bold minimalist jewelry.” The pieces are dynamic and simple, and hand-crafted in the artist’s home studio. The simplicity of these pieces easily lends itself to being statement pieces.



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