There’s one thing that everyone in this house just cannot resist – a darn-good cookie. I tried a new recipe and the results were… interesting, but definitely something I’d like to replicate again! Hence this recipe! This experiment was supposed to result in chocolate chip walnut cookies, but they are some thick lil things. Imagine […]

I gotta be real with you, hearing “corn chowder” doesn’t make my ears perk up. In fact, whenever I’d hear corn chowder I’d think “corn wtf?” Let’s just say it’s not my go-to meal, but this recipe has me rethinking that. First of all, I’m from the South – New Orleans to be exact. It’s […]

This postpartum recipe is crazy easy to make and can be frozen months in advance. I was about 8 ½ months pregnant when I briefly considered preparing a few dishes to freeze for the certain chaos that comes after delivery. The idea of preparing food wasn’t urgent at all to me. When Camille finally made […]