Top 5 Desk Accessories for Creative Professionals

My desk has two modes: super organized and super chaotic. More so the latter, than the former. 🙂 As a creative professional, my desk usually reflects what’s happening in my brain. People can often tell if I am swamped with work and just generally overwhelmed by simply walking past my desk. Regardless, of the state that it’s in at any given time, there are a few staple items that I keep on my desk at all times.


#1: Stickies!

 This item is not revolutionary at all – I mean everyone uses sticky notes. Nothing life-changing here. Because I go through sooooooo many sticky notes in any given day it’s actually easy for me to overlook them. In order to really catch my eye and lead to some sort of action – I have a special set of sticky notes that stand out. Not every jotting merits a special sticky note, but I use them for items that I absolutely need to follow-up with as soon as possible. I really love these geometric sticky notes by Present & Correct. There are simple, but different enough to be eye-catching. Also, people are often intrigued by the shape of these so they function as a conversation starter too. 🙂 If you don’t wanna have conversations with people, by all means, continue to use boring yellow sticky notes.


#2: Desktop Appointment Pad

Creative is synonymous with organized chaos. Or maybe that’s just me. Each day I list out one core thing to do each day and I generally jot like a madwoman throughout the day. With this desktop pad I can I can have a little bit of both – organization & chaos Woman Cartwheeling on Apple . It allows me to group my ideas & goals in one place without too many limiting restrictions. Freedom!! 


#3: Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you live on your computer like I do, chances are your eyes get fatigued – especially in the evening. So apparently, our beloved devices emanate blue light which is on the visible light spectrum and alerts our brains that it’s daylight. It occurs naturally when the sun is out and it actually triggers our brains to not produce melatonin. This is all great and dandy – except if it’s late at night and you’re staring at a screen. If you are a creative professional who is staring at a screen it’s best to get some blue light blocking glasses. #gamechanger For real. I can be a workaholic well into the late night/early morning and not have issues falling asleep afterwards.


#4: Vases!

This is a must for me. Just seeing fresh flowers gives me a boost of joy and so when I’m engaged in working it’s important for me to have them around. Why wouldn’t you want something that sparks joy?? Vase for flowers



#5: Let There be Light

It might be the designer in me, but ambient lighting is everything. Desk lighting is not just about ambiance though, it’s obviously a much needed task addition.  A good desk lamp is a must as it relates to desk accessories. Get one!



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