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I’ll make this introduction quick while my toddler naps. First of all, I’m Elle Jupiter, and yes, that’s my real name. ElleJupiter.com is an eponym, not because I’m full of myself, but rather because this blog is a genuine reflection of me and all that I love. I’m a wife and mom to one very wild-child. We can’t seem to settle on where “home” is, as in the last five years we’ve lived in New Orleans, Hawaii, and New York. It drives my husband crazy that we move so much, but one thing is consistent … regardless of where we live at the moment, we find a way to make it home. I am a firm believer that thoughtful interior design can be transformative for the spirit.

What can you expect from EJ?

We’ve been exceptionally busy in the last year – see we had a baby! And while I love a nice antique just as much as the next person, my feral toddler ain’t having it. So ElleJupiter.com is a place for me to share with you how to have a simple, yet refined abode that can withstand a toddler who runs around like a madman after having ripped her third diaper off. I’m totally channelling the face-palm emoji right now. 

In addition to giving interior design guidance on how to create a well-designed home with a kid, I also aim to share the things that remind me to be grateful in this bizarre, yet beautiful world.

If you’ve read this far, thanks. I’ve made up my mind that we’re friends now! As my new bud, do me a solid and comment on what you’d be interested in reading. Otherwise, I’ll be wasting my time while Camille naps (I’m totally giving you a side-eye right now).

Thank you for choosing to go on this journey with me and welcome to Elle Jupiter! <3 

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